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Blackbird Golf Apparel welcomes all loyal supporters to join the #MakeYourMark Program. As a premium golf lifestyle brand for men and women, Blackbird Golf is always looking for brand ambassadors who share a common appreciation for golf, style, producing high-quality content, and competing at the highest levels.

Blackbird Golf Team with Scholarship Recipient


Our ambassadors connect us to communities worldwide and provide insightful feedback so we can innovate and develop great products. Through our #MakeYourMark Program ambassadors can receive sample products and exclusive access to Blackbird Golf resources and facilities. This partnership will open new opportunities as we seek to establish ourselves as a respectable brand across the industry. Think you're perfect for joining the flock? Fill out the application below.

Brand Ambassadors

  • Player Level - (Limited Number Accepted)
  • Pre-release access to new designs.
  • Access to training facilities and simulators.
  • Invitations to local golf related tournaments and events.
  • Features on Blackbird Golf website and email campaigns.
  • 25% off retail pricing of ALL products for personal use.
  • Receive a personal code to share with followers for 10% off total cart.
  • Invitations to local golf related tournaments and events.
  • Exposure through reposts and shout outs on Blackbird Golf social media accounts.


  • Loyal supporter, promoter, and wearer of Blackbird Golf Apparel.
  • Follow all BlackBird Golf’s social media handles.
  • Actively share, like, and comment on Blackbird Golf’s brand posts.
  • Put our handle @blackbirdgolfofffial Ambassador in your Instagram bio.
  • Make a minimum of two high-quality Instagram post to your feed per month tagging @blackbirdgolfofficial and using the hashtag #MakeYourMark
  • Promote our brand Blackbird Golf Apparel to your followers/subscribers on social feeds and stories when appropriate.

Note: If our expectations cannot be met, you will be removed from the program. Apply to become a valued brand ambassador for Blackbird Golf Apparel today!