5 Tips for Staying Warm on the Golf Course This Winter

a man holding a golf club over his shoulders, wearing blackbird clothes and hat

Playing golf in the winter can be a challenge if you are not prepared to brave the cold, wind, rain, and even, occasionally, snow. In addition to the physical discomfort, being cold can make you stiff and make successfully golfing more difficult. The unique obstacles to playing winter golf is a major reason many golfers stop playing in the cold months. 

However, most of the problems associated with hitting the links in the cold weather can be solved with the right clothing choices. If you want to pursue your passion for golf in the year's chilliest months, here are 5 tips for getting, and using, the golf gear you need. 

Wear layers

The best approach to putting on golf apparel during the winter months is to layer up. Wearing bulky jackets or other clothing can limit your swing, and your performance. Plus, if you warm up during the game, you may have difficulty shedding enough clothing to be comfortable. 

Wearing layers solves these problems. Multiple thinner layers helps to keep heat trapped near your body so you stay warmer, while keeping you less bulky. Plus, as you warm up, you can take off layers to achieve the right level of comfort. 

Here is a look at how you may want to add clothing items to stay warm and limber on the golf course: 

  • Start with an underlying thermal layer - Your base layer.
  • Add a golf shirt, pants, or other items - Your mid layer.
  • Add a waterproof top layer, such as a windbreaker or rain jacket - Your outer layer.

Consider your extremities

Your base, mid, and outer layers should keep your core toasty warm without interfering with your movement on the golf course. However, cold extremities can also make it difficult to play in the winter. 

For example, cold hands can prevent a firm grip on your club, while heat escaping from your head can make you feel distractingly chilled. 

Keep all of your body warm and moving smoothly with the right hats, gloves, thermals, and shoes.  

For example, invest in a good pair of golf gloves. These are designed to maintain your grip while keeping the cold away from your fingers. You can also choose a stylish beanie (like our winter beanies) or warm hat that covers your ears, and special winter golf shoes to keep you completely warm no matter how long you spend on the golf course. In particular, look for items that include thermal lining for maximum warmth. 

Choose the right materials

a man holding a golf club in a field, wearing warm clothes

Not every piece of golf gear is created equal. In order to successfully enjoy your favorite sport in the winter, you need to invest in comfortable golf apparel. That means choosing materials that feel good and are effective at retaining warmth while you play. Here are some ideas for the types of materials to invest in: 


A smart choice for your base layer is a moisture-wicking material that will naturally keep sweat, rain, and snow away from your skin. Polyester often works well for this first layer of protection against the winter weather. 

Soft and Stretchy

Clothing that is soft and stretchy isn't just good at trapping heat against your body. It also provides a level of comfort and flexibility that makes it simpler to maintain your stroke and freedom of movement while you play. The best mid layer materials are breathable and comfortable (Like our half-zip jackets) to both prevent overheating and to maintain your range of motion while you play. 


Your golf gear for the winter needs to be insulated, which means that it needs to be made of material that keeps heat close to your body. While insulation can be bulky (e.g. Puffy jackets), there are plenty of mid-layer items that can add warmth without prohibiting your movement. Fleece is a common material used to insulate while maintaining breathability and dryness. 


The most important layer to have waterproofed is your outer, or shell, layer. This layer, such as a windbreaker or jacket, should be able to withstand the rain or the snow without soaking into your other layers. 

Add golf accessories

The best golf accessories in the winter are those that provide warmth and function as well as style. Here are some of the most important golf accessories to consider adding to your collection: 

  • Socks
  • Hand warmers
  • Beaniers
  • Leg thermals
  • Golf cart heater
  • Cart curtains

Here are other golf accessories to consider for any season - Just add your winter items to this list! 

Mix and match for the weather

a man wearing a Blackbird hat standing in front of a golf course

Finally, staying warm on the golf course in the winter often requires thinking about your needs for the day. If you have a number of high-quality layers from which to choose, you can mix and match your layers to suit the weather of the day. 

For example, a warm winter day may lead you to choose a lightweight base layer, while a warmer base layer may work best if the weather is cold. A rainy day may require a waterproof outer layer, while a windy day may require a windproof jacket over your other layers. 

Don't let the cold and bad weather of winter keep you away from the sport you love. Check out Blackbird Golf's line of apparel for high-quality products that do good - And keep you warm in the winter. We want to keep you, and our community, playing, comfortably, through every month of the year.

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5 Tips for Staying Warm on the Golf Course This Winter

If you're unprepared for cold, wind, rain, and even snow, winter golf can be difficult. However, proper clothing can solve most cold-weather golfing issues. Here are five tips for getting and using golf gear in winter.